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Be part of PRALER and keep up to date by signing the Glocal Declaration:

We need to reclaim knowledge, wisdom and education to build our revolutionary power. We need to revolutionise education. We need everyone to part of ancestral struggle.

Join, sign and organise:

Sign the Glocal Declaration

The Glocal Declaration:

We write this glocal declaration knowing the time that we are in: a time of ecofacism and a growing threat of Global North-provoked nuclear war. Faced with global demands of system change and communities compelled into resistance to redress the impacts on them of the world-wide climate and ecological crisis, the response of the dominant powers is militarisation to repress and iradicate all forms of resistance...

Watch the Glocal Declaration:

Organise as a Community Lifelong Learning Study Action Group (COLLSAG)


Community Lifelong Learning Study Action Groups (COLLSAGs) are the basic community educational spaces forming part of the Planet Repairs Action Learning Educational Revolution.

COLLSAGs are either Local COLLSAGs (community spaces of lifelong learning where PRALER is being popularised and supported) or Focused COLLSAGs (where lifelong learning about the role of specific tasks/areas to PRALER are engaged with).

Local COLLSAGs: 

  • are typically regionally located and might develop or consist of various focuses or areas of interest.

Focused COLLSAGs:

  • bring together those interested in specific issues or topics to commit to Planet Repairs development of such areas of interest.

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All COLLSAGs produce monthly reports of their work and pass work for popularisation onto Praler News - to begin your involvement click the button below:

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