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What are the MWISCCCOR dates?

The Majority World Internationalist Solidarity Coordinating Council of Communities of Resistance (MWISCCCOR) promotes three dates for peoples and communities globally to engage in a strong glocal action of power by highlighting our unity and ongoing anti-colonial struggle for Planet Repairs - including the restoration of our self-determination, sovereignty and our peoples’ and Mother Earth rights. We join together on these days as a PRALER process.

They are:

30th April: Peace Lotus Day

Peace Lotus Day

Peace Lotus Day commemorates the 30th of April 1975 Fall of Saigon when colonised and occupied peoples in Vietnam secured an end to foreign destruction of their homes, claiming victory against the Imperialist death machine of the United States of Amerikkka.

Why does Peace Lotus Day matter?

On April 30th 1975, the Fall of Saigon left the world reeling: the US Imperialist machine was defeated by the colonised peoples in Vietnam 🇻🇳, securing an end to the foreign destruction of their homes.

Across April we commemorate Peace Lotus Internationalist Solidarity Month of Anti-War Resistance, a month to visibilise just peace actors and re-weave our peoples’ solidarity towards anti-war resistance.


The war of the elites against all peoples is a WAR ON LIFE: the genocidal and ecocidal projects are clear for all to see. It is time to come together and organise for Just Peace now.

The genocidal intent of organised international fascist imperialism is clear for all to see. Communities of resistance across the world come together in April to confront imperialist attempts to erase our peoples’ histories of victory for just peace.

Where does Peace Lotus Day come from?

Every April, we come together glocally led by communities in Asia resisting imperialism, like the Extinction Rebellion Affinity Network of Asia (XRANA), who voluntarily take Environmental Justice work as their mission because of knowing it is our duty of conscience.

Organizationally spearheaded conjointly by Vidya Safari Moksha (VSM), the Grassroots Women’s Internationalist Solidarity Action Network (GWISAN), and Planet Repairs Youth Positive Action Campaign (PRYPAC), all based in India, South East Asia, as well as the Grassroots South-North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF) based in Ghana, West Afrika, with the facilitation of the XR Affinity Network of Asia (XRANA), supported by XRISN.

1st Mosiah: Afrikan Emancipation Day

Afrikan Emancipation Day

Critically commemorating the so-called abolition of slavery act on the 1st August 1834 as a result of the popular uprisings and rebellions of enslaved peoples throughout the Caribbean against chattel enslavement and colonialism.


1st of Mosiah is a day to showcase our Afrikan Heritage Communities Self-Repairs initiatives to demonstrate that the achievement of Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia (Our future Nation borne from a liberation fight resulting in global justice and a repaired planet for all), as an overarching goal of our Pan-Afrikan Reparations for Global justice organising efforts, IS possible! 


Only when we become powerful will we become again a global nation worthy of respect!


Therefore our Community Self -Repairs efforts are as important as holding Maangamizi perpetrating criminals to account!


Self -Repair and securing reparatory rustice are equally important and must be done together and involve us all who identify as Afrikan and seek national Self -Determination.

12th October: Indigenous Resistance Day

Indigenous Resistance day

A day properly remembering and commemorating the role of Indigenous Peoples' Resistance as the true peoples story against the falsely-called "discovery" of Abya Yala (Latin-America) by European Coloniser Christopher Colombus.


12th October re-establishes Indigenous leadership in resistance to the violence of imperialism and destruction of Mother Earth and her resources globally, alongside enslaved peoples throughout the Caribbean against chattel enslavement and colonialism that is on-going today!


This is about all Indigenous peoples’ coming together globally in their full power and resistance!

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