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Co-Liberation for Planet Repairs Mural

On March 9th, the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Internationalist Standing Conference (PARISC) will lead a delegation to the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), to build and secure internationalist solidarity with communities who are engaged in the fight for reparatory justice and asserting their right to self-determination.

As a Community Lifelong Learning Study Action Group (COLLSAG) here in Bristol we want to raise the profile of this delegation ahead of its journey, and also to promote the peoples to peoples internationalist solidarity which we are already being built. In the beginning of January 2024 we hosted a delegation from Ghana representing the Global Citizenship Education for Planet Repairs Action (GCEPRA) and the Sankofakuumba-Ablodenunyansa in the indigenous Gbetowo nation. 

We believe that through building these Glocal connections between the Global North and the Global South, through processes such as the Planet Repairs Action Learning Educational Revolution (PRALER) we can get organised and implement the changes we need to see happen through unifying our peoples power.

The delegation will visit the countries of the AES under the banner of Co-liberation for Planet Repairs focusing on the contemporary historic importance of the resurgence of colonized Afrikan people against the forces of neocolonialism for national self-determination, Pan-Afrikan sovereignty and a multipolar world of global justice enshrined in the concept of “Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia”

In the mural we wanted to visualise this through including a number of powerful activists and organisers from times past to show that our ancestors still live through us, people whose work was for the benefit of all humanity, and who made many sacrifices so that future generations should be able t go further. 

On the left we have painted Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana and a driving force towards African Unity, and Sarraounia Mangou, a chief of the Azna people in modern day Niger who fought against the French colonisers. They are surrounded by the calls to action from movements today, such as protecting Mother Earth Rights (Miano Asase Yaa), kicking the french out of Niger, to Fix The Country in Ghana, and to Stop The Maangamizi

On the right we painted Mary Estlin, an active member of the abolitionist and women's suffrage movements, and Basil Davidson, who wrote more than thirty books about Afrikan politics and history (two of which were included in the Black Panther Party’s reading list). These are two people from Bristol who in practical ways joined in the global struggle against imperialism which have benefitted all of humanity, and it's through joining the global struggles of today which seeks to challenge ‘Global Britain’ that we can achieve real gains in issues produced by imperialism here, such as the miseducation system and dispossession of land.

At the edges of the Co-Liberation banner we painted the flags of Palestine and South Africa to promote the example which South Africa have set in terms of its internationalist solidarity effort in taking Israel to court for its genocide against the palestinian people. In particular South Africa’s foreign minister Naledi Pandor has a lot to share with us about internationalist solidarity on the scale of the anti-apartheid movement which needs to be mobilised again today.

The mural was painted by members of the Bristol COLLSAG and the Bristol Mural Collective. The uneviling event took Place on the 2nd of March 2024 which, coincidentally, is also the anniversary of the passing of the Bristol City Council Reparations and Atonement Motion in 2021, which was also promoted with a banner during the event.

We invite everyone to follow the journey of the delegation, as well as our work for the Decolonisation of Politics through PRALER during this year when about 40% of the worlds population will be participating in elections.

See websites for more information and follow the progress of the study-visit through joining either the PRALER or PARISC Whatsapp broadcasts:

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