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Ghana In Planet Repairs Action Dialogue (GIPRAD) | Florence Mbahupa Handura - Ovaherero

The GIPRAD (Ghana In Planet Repairs Action Dialogue) Series - a series of presentations from activists, scholars, communities, and Pan-Afrikan and Global Justice Internationalist networks as an internationalist endeavour to co-plan Positive Action and steps to securing free, peaceful and fair elections in West Afrika in 2024.

Today we here on the theme of sisterhood from Florence Mbahupa Handura - Ovaherero Genocide Foundation. Stay tuned @praler_news for contributions throughout the month from around the world about building Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia and for details about joining the 25th March Observatory!

Theme: Sankofa Yenara Asase - The Planet Repairs Reclaiming of our Mother Earth Birthrights and Responsibilities

Forward ever to Freedom and Justice!

Sawaaba! Kum apem, apem beba!


Sankofa Yenara Asase!




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