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Ghana In Planet Repairs Action Dialogue | GIPRAD - Inaugural Welcome - Osie Adza Tekpor VII

GIPRAD MARCH 2023 - Inauguration by Osie Adza Tekpor VII, Paramount Chief of Avatime, Volta Region, Ghana, West Afrika co-chair of the MAATUBUNTUMITAWO-GAFRIC.

Theme: Sankofa Yenara Asase - The Planet Repairs Reclaiming of our Mother Earth Birthrights and Responsibilities:

Join us, in a series of Planet Repairs Action Dialogue, throughout the month of March 2023 about securing Planet Repairs in Ghana and West Afrika, in the run up to a free, peaceful, and fair 2024 elections.

GIPRAD will conclude with the Glocal Convention on Saturday March 25th in Ghana, West Afrika, London and other locations throughout the United Kingdom!

We will be joined by activists, scholars, and communities, and Pan-Afrikan and Global Justice Internationalist networks to discuss and plan Positive Action steps for securing Sankofahomes in Ghana towards building Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia, and to Stop the Maangamizi in our lifetime!

Forward ever to Freedom and Justice!

Sawaaba! Kum apem, apem beba!


Sankofa Yenara Asase!




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