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Decolonising Politics- why?

Every day we all try to make decisions that create a better future for the next generations. Why is it that we can't make choices for life at the national level? Because politics is colonised.


We need to build back politics starting from our communities, and we can do so by learning from communities across the world resisting the current way of doing politics. Sham democracy in the UK is deadly for the whole world, decisions made here affect people globally, and communities are resisting them. 


How do we build a force that they have no choice but to listen to?

As the climate and ecological crisis worsens, colonised communities across the world are rising again in renewed resistance. And as the imperialist nations weaken and a more multi-polar world emerges, they are preparing to go as far as needed to save its global power.

We are living with the consequences of the ‘colonisation of politics’ - the seizure of the public political sphere by a tiny elite and the alienation they’ve forced on the people. Sham politicians, their billionaire friends and the media they own make decisions for the rest of us, decisions which have terrible impacts across the world. 2023 has shown us that political systems in the UK are out of the peoples’ control. 

The counter must be the Decolonisation of Politics at a personal, local, national and global level - taking power back into our hands and the hands of our communities - as a necessary act of reparations. Decisions made in the UK have a global impact, so any attempt to try and build community power here must be in line with the Global Family, the alternative is to continue the violence. In learning from other communities who have resisted, many for centuries, we will learn about real democracy.

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