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In Solidarity of the Chiana SHS StudentsCalling Out President Akufo-Addo

Originally released on 15th November 2022

^Video to support the statement from Adieyiesafo-YIPPFA on UbuntuDunia TV^

On November 2022, 8 students created a viral video calling out Akufo-Addo, the current political climate, and cognitive injustice in Ghana, As a result, this has led to the expulsion of these students despite the right to protest in Ghana, which has suppressed the views of the masses and stripped them of their right to an effective education.

Like in Ghana, around the world students such as indigenous University and school students in Peru are making sure that studies reflect the needs of their families and communities, supporting communities to have proud indigenous institutions for Planet Repairs such as for the preservation of languages, culture, ways of thinking.

We hereby declare:

  1. We Demand the 8 schoolgirls are returned to school with no mark on their record

  2. We Demand they are not punished for exercising their right to protest

  3. We observe that its young peoples rights to understand in true global citizenship how to better organise themselves for true Planet Repairs and it is the responsibility of schools to facilitate and encourage this. These students should not have to apologise. They have done nothing wrong.

  4. We believe the system of miseducation inherited by coloniality never served a true Afrikan alternative progression. It is no surprise that as the situation worsens in West Afrika, young people are being left behind.

  5. We believe a Planet Repairs Action-Learning Educational Revolution (PRALER) means community organisations will continue to promote a Planet Repairs Education, for young people to be leading in building the future we need.

  6. We support those who wish to develop true education, as a lifelong quest to be Onipa Paa.

  7. We will continue to monitor the situation internationally and stand behind all young children and their communities to stand up against the oppression, repression, and neocolonialism on the continent of Afrika.

*Contacts for support can be found at FB: Adieyiesafo-YIPPFA for more information!

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