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April 2023: Peace Lotus Month of Anti-War Resistance

We are building world peace through community action. We know war won't work to secure Planet Repairs. We know it's time for a just peace. Read on to find out about our Peace Lotus Glocal Celebrations and why we celebrate it:

We celebrated in Bristol, Brixton, Edinburgh, Haringey, Leeds, SOAS and Stroud.

For Peace Lotus Month, we are building just peace and celebrating all who came together in the struggle to secure it. Let us learn together about Peace Lotus Month of Internationalist Solidarity.

What is Peace Lotus Day or Vietnam Day?

Peace Lotus Day, or Vietnam Day, commemorates the 30th of April 19

75 Fall of Saigon (pictured), when colonised peoples in Vietnam secured an end to foreign destruction of their homes.

During April, we come together glocally as communities to celebrate the Vietnamese example for self-determination, led by communities in Asia resisting imperialism, like XRANA, who voluntarily take Environmental Justice work as their mission because of knowing it is our duty of conscience.

Right now, as elite-controlled media keeps warmongering, we must stand firm in anti-war positions which can secure Planet Repairs. Together, as communities, we can come together and learn!

How is it celebrated?

We came together across the UK in Glocal Intercommunity Celebrations:

We know that elites have been at war against our peoples rights and Mother Earth rights for centuries. And we know from history that the Vietnamese example shows how just peace can be secured. Ordinary people across Vietnam defended their right to choose how to live- in the face of a violent foreign invasion.

They were supported internationally: people of conscience, working class and colonised communities across the world saw Vietnamese self-determination as their own. The Vietnam struggle showed that peoples across the world can refuse to fight each other and create just peace when they feel as One Global Family.

What is the Planet Repairs perspective on anti-war resistance?

Planet Repairs calls us to understand how war is used by colonial elites to exploit and oppress colonised peoples all around the world: billionaire media is constantly pushing the working classes to slaughter each other through fear, so that colonialelites can profit through imperialism, theft of resources, the arms trade weapons and post-war “reconstruction”.

War is used to continue the genocide against our peoples and the ecocide against our shared home. War is used to put public money into private pockets.

Elites also militarize territories so they can repress resistance to this ecocidal and genocidal colonial system, against the interests of the Global Majority.

But war and militarization can be stopped when people see themselves as the Global Majority and band together to fight for each others’ self-determination: this is what Peace Lotus is all about.

4 reasons to get organised for just peace:

  1. In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, the UK government spends lavishly on war while slashing essential services. Money for tanks but not for school meals

  2. Violent conflict is used to colonize peoples all across the world and grab their land for industry: as the UK did in Iraq to open up the oilfields for multinational corporations

  3. Violent conflict is the number one cause of hunger in the world, both locally and internationally

  4. Wars ravage ecosystems and emit unimaginable pollution: the US military is the largest CO2 emitter in the world.

Today Peace Lotus calls us to stand against the escalation of the conflict everywhere.

How can you get involved?

We are working hard to create connected learning spaces across the UK and globally to learn about ant-war resistance, freedom fighters and different peoples’ understandings of just peace, in order to encourage internationalist solidarity amongst all peoples against all the interconnected forms of oppression. Please consider donating.

Supporting the PRALER Fund will help us to build up our communities for true education, for legal support, land restitution, stop the harm of colonial violence, help build real connexions for communities to lead education through their own liberation.

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