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SOAS On the DOC: Launch of the Decolonial Open Communiversity

On Sunday 26th May 2024, students, workers, staff and communities across the world united to put the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, on trial for colonial crimes against humanity.

The trial

The glocal tribunal attended by over 100 people was held in the face of fascist Zionist organized violence, at a time when the ruling classes of Empire scramble to warmonger to secure the continued destruction of our lands and people. 

In over 14 testimonies from Palestine, Afrika, Abya Yala, Asia, migrant communities and students, we charged SOAS for its complicity in genocide and ecocide and other crimes against humanity, in particular against colonised peoples across the world.

The tribunal found SOAS is guilty as charged.

The verdict

For being found Guilty of these crimes, SOAS, University of London, was sentenced to face the penalties that colonised and other Communities of Resistance, victimised by the criminalities of SOAS’ colonial crimes against Humanity and Mother Earth, feel necessary for it to carry out in order to fulfil the obligations of Reparatory Justice to these communities as will enable all peoples’ to achieve true Planet Repairs to the satisfaction of such communities.

"Our Permanent Glocal Peoples’ Tribunal has taken testimony from people and communities based in Afrika, Asia and Abya Yala, alongside peoples in and around SOAS, University of London, and has found SOAS, University of London, a Maangamizi (Colonial) Crime Scene and guilty as charged. As a Permanent Tribunal, this Tribunal has the mandate to continue receiving testimonies, further this investigation and engage actively upon this verdict."

Read the full verdict and commitments:

Verdict and Commitments Permanent SOAS Glocal Peoples’ Tribunal
Download PDF • 167KB

The Decolonial Open Communiversity

One of the commitments is for the tribunal to reconvene in October and November 2024 with communities of resistance for the opening of the Decolonial Open Communiversity (DOC) in a reckoning with SOAS, to showcase our peoples education for liberation.

What is the Decolonial Open Communiversity?

This year (2024) the Decolonial Open Communiversity will have the honour of hosting indigenous leaders from Peru part of the National Federation of Peasant, Artisan, Indigenous, Native and non-salaried worker Women of Peru (FENMUCARINAP), as well as indigenous community leaders from Ghana and Azania/South Afrika. We also expect the decolonial educational experiences in Europe, such as those of the Sapmi to be shared. 

The Decolonial Open Communiversity is a space for all peoples from across the world to share their diverse cultures, wisdoms, knowledges, skills, understandings and contexts in order to effectively unify our paths to repair humanity and Mother Earth. It is about learning collectively through transforming the world.

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